Some designers sketch their vision; My pattern and design process usually begin with garment scraps, pins, and imagination. A visual starts to form and I let it flow. Somewhere along the line, I screw-up. but! it's in fixing the mistakes that the final design is formed.


Check her out! Perched up there like a little lady. She turned out to be the perfect little summer bag.

It’s denim so it goes with everything, Lightweight, Functional, Roomy, Stylish, AAAAnd you don’t have to worry about the outfit having pockets!

From the finished product Sample, the pattern is drawn.

Do I sell the samples? I do. 

Are they without flaw. No.

Flawed but stylish and well put together. They're raw, required the most time, thought, and innovation. Defined by its uniqueness - Individuality. That's what gives it character.

Hmmm, I think it's safe to say that in may ways, it's a direct reflection of me.

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