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Vintage Authentic CHRISTIAN DIOR Trotter Shoulder Bag

Vintage Authentic CHRISTIAN DIOR Trotter Shoulder Bag

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Authentic CHRISTIAN DIOR Trotter Shoulder Bag

Vintage 80's/90's
Model: Trotter
Materials: Signature Canvas/Leather
Hardware: Gold
Color(s): Beige/Brown
Measurements: Width = 12.75" | Depth = 1/8" | Height = 8.25" | Strap drop = 13"

Outer Bag: DIOR Signature canvas with brown leather trim, gold hardware, and gold CD push lock front.

Inner Bag: Leather double slip compartments.

Overall Condition: Very Good. 
Outer bag: Very Good! Show some signs of wear to hardware. 
Inner bag: Very Good condition! No rips or stains to leather.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The original push lock closure was broken. *see Before and After image* I tried a couple of great cobblers who wouldn't touch it without being able to swap out the signature closure.(Even with my numerous ideas on how to do so.) Since that would take away from the bag, I decided to get creative and fix it myself. How? By adding a magnet and covering it with a matching leather strip, and then fitting a metal rivet into the  broken insert hole. Magnet to metal - bag closed!   I took it for a spin and pleased to report that the bag is in perfect working order! But I'll still throw in a few extra rivets JIC ;)

**Note: The repairs were done without any damage to the bag or original hardware. No glue to the fabric or leather. No visible stitching - Just a few pin size holes. That way, if you decide to send the bag to Christian Dior for repair they can do so to the original hardware if necessary.



Handbag: 100% Upcycled denim
Hardware: Anti-rust alloy

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